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Not Exactly Rocket Science
Aug 30, 2018
Multimorbidity and Access to Social Care
May 21, 2018
Three Minute Thesis
Apr 5, 2018
Scottish Government Open Data Social Care Analysis
Jun 2, 2017
Data Linkage Scotland Showcase
Nov 29, 2016

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#Introduction Code used to create the plot in a “Data insights” brief on the Scottish Centre for Adminsitrative Data Research website found here (insert link here) The post shows a plot I used in my PhD thesis which shows the distribution of the over-65 population in Scotland by SIMD decile. Check out the insights document for a bit more info. This post is really just for code. #Make the plot


Introduction A quick look at the newly published Urban/Rural classification data and a visualisation of the classification at Local Authority level. I am using the population tables available at this link Load packages library(tidyverse) library(magrittr) library(readxl) library(janitor) library(ggthemr) ggthemr("light", "plain") Load data pop_table <- read_xlsx("2018-03-29-urban-rural-plot_data/00534380.xlsx", sheet = "CA8FOLD", range = "A3:I36") Tidy up Data is all good but I need to tidy up the variable names and factorise the local authority variable


A list of useful resources


A UBDC Researcher’s work with Renfrewshire Council



IPDLN Hackathon

Materials and code from a Hackathon held at the International Population Data Linkage Conference in Banff, Canada on 11th September 2018

Scottish Local Authority shapefile

Cleaning of an ONS shapefile to quickly enable use for plotting data at local authority level in Scotland

Scottish Social Care Open Data

Some code exploring open data released by the Scottish Government from the Social Care Survey.